Catch the action by being a spectator at the Eastman Credit Union Criterium in Downtown Elizabethton, June 2nd from 8:20am to 5:00pm.

Pro Races:
Pro-Am Women 2:00pm
Pro-Am Men 3:00pm

Eastman Credit Union Criterium Schedule

8:20 to 8:40am
Juniors Boys and Girls from 10 to 18 Years Old • Number 700’s

8:50 to 9:15am
Women category 4/5 who are the first time to 2nd year experienced racers • Number 200’s

9:25 to 9:50am
Men novice/category 5 who are on their first through tenth race experience • Number 400’s

10:10 to 10:50am
Men category 4 who have completed at least ten races or finished high as a category 5 • Number 100’s

10:55 to 11:35am
Men 40 +, 50 + and 60+ race at same time but with individual group prizes
Masters 40+ • 300’s
Masters 50+ • 600’s
Masters 60+ • 800’s

11:50 to 12:30pm
Men category 3 with experience in 25 races with a minimum of 10 top 10 places as a category 4 • 200’s

12:45 to 1:25pm
Men 35+ and 45+ who have advanced to categories 1 to 4 • 500’s

Pro Carter County Roan Groan Trophy Presentations and Leaders Jersey Presentations

Kids 10 Years Old and Under Fun Ride of One Lap

2:00 to 2:40pm
Pro-Am Women Top Level Racing • 1-99’s

Pro-Am Women Awards

3:00 to 4:30pm
Pro Am Men Top Level Racing • 1-99’s

Pro-Am Men Awards


  • Bring a chair and watch from many locations on the course.
  • Covered Bridge corner has sharpest turn on the course with some crashes.
  • Riverside Taphouse has curbside seating.
  • Be at the Start/Finish on Sycamore St. for announcing and to see the very close finishes.
  • In the Pro-Am races the racer leading in points after the first two races on Saturday will be wearing a race leaders white jersey. This makes the strategy for the race to be two fold, win the criterium which has it’s own prizes and/or collect the most points for the three races with it’s equal prize list.