Carter County Omnium Covid-19 Safety

To minimize the risk of Covid-19 spread we will do the following:

  • Staff and volunteers will wear cloth masks.
  • Participants will wear cloth mask when not racing.       
  • All participants, staff, and volunteers will sign release (available online) that they have no signs of Covid-19 or contact with others with Covid-19 or a fever within the last three days. Pens to be sanitized after each use.
  • Podiums will be spaced 6 feet apart with gloved handing of trophies.
  • Online registration will cover 95% of the racers, with the additional registrations to be done at social distancing.
  • All results will be online only.
  • All activities will be outdoors.
  • No buffet of pins or other items, all are in their registration packet.
  • Have one volunteer only responsible for sanitation and distancing safety.
  • Keep up with changes and follow the Tennessee “Access Guidelines for Non-Contact Sports”
  • After attending five USA Cycling “Event Organizer COVID 19 Updates”, will continue to attend their updates.
  • Continue to update the USA Cycling Risk Assessment Tool which shows our Mitigation Plans as low risk and very prepared.


Carter County
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